Monday Beautiful Monday

The weather was so beautiful and rain was predicted today – so the children and I headed down the country roads to see the sites, have some lunch, check out thrift stores in other cites (small farm cites) and just enjoy being with one another. The children did wonderful in the getting along department until the last 30 minutes of the ride home.






Sakura Tree, Flowers and Bunnies

I am happy to say we now are the proud owners of a Cherry Tree. It is self-fruiting and we can prune it to 6 feet if we wish – and we do wish!

My youngest daughter and I woke-up early and went to the local nursuring. We have wanted a cherry tree for over a year, but the nursery only gets them in once a year starting in late January.

My daughter also wanted a few flowers for herself. The older children have had gardens before, but she was the only child interested this time.

 When we got home a young neighbor brought over her new bunny. img_8444.JPG



Sunday Drive

I remember when I was young my Grandma or Grandpa would take my brothers and sister and I (the youngest was not yet born) for a Sunday drive and we would get ice cream.

Now that I think about it, we drove the long scenic route to the store 10 minutes away. To a child though it seemed like quiet a drive. Not long enough to say “Are we there yet?” but because it was not the route we drove with our parents  it seemed exciting.

I took two of my girls on a Sunday drive yesterday.We stopped at McDonald’s for a hot fudge sundae (with half the topping on the bottom and half on top). Then we took the long way back home through the wineries and and small dairy farms. The green rolling hills were so vibrant.

I took this picture this morning. I bought these chicks and the fence at the grocery store. I already owned that daddy rooster you can barely see. The chicks are wind up and hop. Everyone has played with them – they are so cute.

One day I hope to have a small coop and chickens. I saw a picture in  a issue of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion magazine a few years ago.

It was painted oh so pretty and well enclosed so that cats and others could not get at the chicken in the night. Our area is zoned for small livestock. I will keep dreaming.



Visiting Again


You are going to think all I do is visit, but really I do stay home mostly.

I had tea and a few cookies at a friends home. This was the table  next to me.

I have known this dear woman for close to 25 years. She never really changes her decor.

She is elderly, but so dear to me. I get such a kick out of taking the children to visit and telling them how they used to play with this or sit in that chair 15 years ago.

She had moved many miles from us, and now we have moved, she is only 9 miles away.

Oriental Poppies


I stopped by a dear friends home tonight. Outside her home, still in the pots were  these Pink Poppies. Pink is her favorite color. There was still just enough light to take a picture.

When we look at life, lets look at ….


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