Nascar Weekend

What a fun weekend! It was busy with Dad and kids out at Infineon Raceway for a Nascar race (two day event), oldest daughter off to the beach with the college church group, and the youngest child and I keeping ourselves busy. The youngest and I spent a few hours at the local bouncing in-door activity place. It was our first time and I was impressed with the cleanliness and amount of things to do. We even did “Dance Dance Revolution” together. My favorite was the Merry-Go-Round. 

My oldest had a nice time at the beach, but forgot her camera.

Our families favorite driver is Dale Jr. Although I was told last night my one daughter is breaking ranks – she like Tony Stewart! 

California Sunset

My Mother in-law bought the children a trampoline with enclosure so they won’t bounce off into the neighbors yard.

The putting together of the trampoline was a family event, but is was getting dark quickly – we waited to long to get the project started and will have to finish it tonight. Waiting hand and foot on Dad took up the entire day. My husband was a very happy Dad.

While we were out in the backyard unpacking the boxes, my children oohed and awed about the cloud colors the sunset made. 

Fun Blog

I used to live in the Bay Area of California in what seems like a life time ago. I ran across this blog Silicon Valley Moms yesterday and it has been very interesting to read on so many levels.

Summer is Here!

The mermaids waited patiently for the pool to fill.

The summer heat has started.

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