Been Surfing

My sweet husband stayed home sick today. He is feeling much better tonight and will go back to work tomorrow.

I spent the day near him on the couch across from the bed he napped in. Silly I know, but he is diabetic and I get very worried when he gets the flu and sleeps a lot.

The children came in often, but I got to do some wonderful surfing. I found some wonderful site. I am going to add these to my list on the right.

Chez Fifi – Brand new and just wonderful

Eye Candy Creations – A talented lady from the south

Auntie Pea – Another talented gal

Back From Tahoe

We were invited to drive up and stay with another family at their South Lake Tahoe Cabin.

OK, it is not exactly their cabin. It belonged to the Grandparents. It was then passed down to the parents and the parents and siblings all use it. Everyone brings friends with them and one person keeps a calendar of who is coming when. We were there for 5 days and 4 nights.

We must have been close to where the fire was – the smell still lingered in the air. But the town was booming with activity. There were homemade signs on many, many cars thanking the fire departments. All the business‘ had Thank You Firemen banners up.

The drive up and back was uneventful. The cabin was older, but comfy and roomy. Four adults and 9 children. It was wonderful!

We went to the beach twice. I did not go on a bike ride, but everyone else did, several times a day. I did go on many walks in the little cabin neighborhood.

Our daughter celebrated her 16th birthday in Tahoe. She is a nature girl and was very happy about her birthday taking place there.

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