Out Taking Pictures

I took dragged the kids out yesterday to take pictures on a country road.

Once we were there they the kids got into it. I took pictures of my 3rd daughter, but she has had a lingering cold and just was not "photogenic"

My oldest was at her classes at the local community college. 

Country Girls

Long road

Checking In

I have been busy on the computer, busy with the husband and children, busy with friends and busy with house work.

So now I am taking time to write. It is very relaxing when I get to sit and type. Maybe that is why so many people have blogs now.

I have been reading an old book (I mosly have very old books) called Footprints for Pilgrims: Evening Meditations for the Day of Days published by G. Morris, London.

Several men are quoted through out the book with old time wisdom about and from the Bible.

Garden Light

Busy week ahead. Getting my fun now.

I have been playing on the computer when I should be working.

I took this picture last week while waiting for my oldest daughter.

I wanted to colors to really stand out…I love it!!!!! 

Garden Light

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