Looking Forward

I am looking forward…

To the weekend

To July

To the rest of summer

To the school year this fall.

I have been filling out so many forms concerning my sons early years and doctors visits in the past and on and on.


Lazy Summer Days

Candy, Sand, Hanging Out ~ Summer Fun

The Weekend

We did not make it to church yesterday. My daughter had to work at 11:30am. It is just too crazy to drive back and forth, rushing to and fro, with only one car that only seats 5. We are a family a 7. And! We even had a borrowed van so we could all attend an graduation open house altogether (the van belonged to the open house family) but the logistics of it all was just too much.

We did have a swell time at the graduation open house and my husband picked-up my daughter after her shift was over and she came to the party too.

A Quiet Moment – During the Open House

What is on my mind

The lazy summer has begun…and it is only the first week of June.

School is out for our homeschool. Alisha is out of college for the summer. The neighbor kids have been instructed not to come to play until 3:00p. We will see just how that works out.
I have ordered a small stack of summer reading from the library (mostly digital photography books). The kids have some video editing projects they want to work on this summer.


 My son was diagnosised last month with Autism. We always knew. It’s one thing to think it and another thing for a panel of professionals to give you their findings and diagnosis. It seems so silly. I don’t know why I am  having such a odd time with this confirmation. I have even written about it since he was very young at my web site http://www.angelfire.com/biz7/dawnamartinez/home/adhd


He and I are almost done with doctors visits. The next step is community college and/or vocational training. We are praying for a second car so that not only can we get these things done easier, but I also want to take them outdoors more this summer and fall.

Here is a pretty pictures




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