A Good Movie

Our Netflix account is on hold due to family budget cuts {sigh}. But one of the first movies I want to rent when we come off hold is the 1982 version of the The Scarlet Pimpernel with Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour.

Our family had watched it about 6 years ago when we were doing a unit study on the French Revolution. We had also watched a black and white movie version of Dickens Tale of Two Cities a few months earlier.

 The children enjoyed The Scarlet Pimpernel very much. The Tale of Two Cities – my oldest is still upset about. It was a little to real. A little two heart wrentching. Not a happy ending for everyone.

Both were great movies though.

A few weeks ago we rented two movies from the Redbox at the local Savemart. This is not a deal compared to Netflix, but we were having a outdoor movie night with the neigbor kids and our dvd’s have become a bit boring.

I forgot to buy popcorn, but we did have lots of candy and drinks. Our simple little movie night was a big hit.

The Race

I am learning that the photography problem I am having with my children it not that unusual.

I have to bribe my kids all the time now if I want to take photos of them. The novelty of Mom with a camera wore off last year. Now that I barrow my daughters Canon S5 any time I can because I love this camera, and need subjects to photograph, it is getting harder.

The other day I talked my daughter and her friend into letting me tag along while they played in the field. They are not allowed in the field unless big brother, big sister, or I am with them. They loved the idea. I told them to play and I would just wander around them. The zoom really came in handy for this.




I was inspired by Teri Fode’s writing in her blog to not just pass by while passing judgement on people with cardboard signs asking for food and/or money.

Last week I saw a man sitting on the sidewalk with just such a cardboard sign. I had to go around the block and then find a parking spot. I am not the type of person who can hand out money and not ask what the story is behind it. This man, who turned out to be my age was divorced and homeless. I gave him the money and then casually asked what he was doing to improve his situation. He was well spoken and very clean cut.

His story was that he was claustic phobic and could not live indoors. He also could not work indoors. I had never seen him before, but he has been on the corners of the area for some time. The police were very good to him and he had a tent set up on a vacant lot close by, but away from traffic.

I asked if he would mind it I took a picture. He asked why and I told him I liked his sign. He asked if it worked and I said I could not say for sure because of the blog I had recently read about not passing judgement on people with cardboard signs – I would have stopped anyway.

I told him I liked the sign because our life, what makes it enjoyable, is random act of kindness.

People need random acts of kindness shown to them because daily life can be hard.

Quiet Weekend

I really needed a quiet weekend and I got it. Actually the whole family did.

No one had to be anywhere, not much house work got done either, but that is o.k.

I did pick-up the new copy of Victoria Magazine {July/August 2008} at the local Savemart store. I had not bought an issue in years. When the children were young I had a subscription. I found out last year that Victoria would begin republishing in December 2007. I have looked at the issues that have come out, but did not buy. It is now published bi-monthly.

Well this issue grabbed me for some reason. Maybe is was because I had $4.99 to spare? Or was it the cover photo. I have heard the cover photo is what matters most – if the sale will be made.

I love ads. I like to know what is out there and available. I especially love print ads. The colors, the products, the photography. This issue has ads for products I have not seen before. Maybe I just don’t get out enough.

Frances Mayes At Home In Tuscany – Wow. I love the warm, neutral colors. One of my daughters really liked it as well. Frances is a designer in residence at Drexel Heritage.

On another page the ad for Vieteri’s Seaside Celecrations. At the their web site you can locate a store near you.

I enjoyed the breif account of the Anne of Green Gables event. It brought back memeories of my oldest daughter who is almost 21 using Where the Brook and River Meet for her high school curriculum.

In the Children’s Corner I read about Beatrix Potter. Oh this issue reminds so much of the Victoria magazine of when the children were young. The neat thing is there is a whole new crop of woman who never saw the old issues (1990’s) and all of this is new to them.

Another thing that caught my eye as I stood in the asile of Savemart going through the pages of Victoria was an article about the Biltmore Estates. If it was not for Victoria magazine long ago, I would never have heard of Biltmore!

What sealed the deal was the beautiful pictures and layouts of the pictures. I am always looking for digital scrapbooking ideas for pictures and inspiration for photography. I found it in this issue!

If you have a chance – get this issue!

Canon PowerShot S5 IS



Our daughter is celebrating her 17th birthday next week. We gave her the gift early. She has wanted her own camera for more than a year. We bought her the Canon PowerShot S5 IS after much research.

I have improved greatly in my knowledge of cameras and my plain old picture taking. I knew what we could afford and the features that were useful.

I showed her many cameras on-line. We watched CNET reviews and did lots of google searches. I used Flickr also. Flickr was great because I could look up a camera and see what other people were able to do with the camera.

I had my Mom’s old Canon PowerShot S30. It had RAW shooting capabilities, but I never could get the hang of it. I understood why it was better, but the software was old and I was never really sure what I was doing. RAW was not important and not a deal breaker.

 I seriously looked at the Nikon D40. My Mom’s old camera had a NB2L Battery Pack that was very expensive and while I thought I got a ton of pictures from it, I could not afford to buy another battery to shoot with while the first charged up. The Nikon D40 had a similar expensive battery too.

 The Canon PowerShot S5 IS uses 4 AA batteries. We have used rechargeable batteries since they arrived on the market.  They are much more within the family budget.

We bought the camera from B and H Photo Video. I highly recommend this company.

 We are loving the camera. She is a sweet girl and has let me and her siblings use it whenever it is not in her hands.

Mini Vacation July 2008

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