Canon PowerShot S5 IS



Our daughter is celebrating her 17th birthday next week. We gave her the gift early. She has wanted her own camera for more than a year. We bought her the Canon PowerShot S5 IS after much research.

I have improved greatly in my knowledge of cameras and my plain old picture taking. I knew what we could afford and the features that were useful.

I showed her many cameras on-line. We watched CNET reviews and did lots of google searches. I used Flickr also. Flickr was great because I could look up a camera and see what other people were able to do with the camera.

I had my Mom’s old Canon PowerShot S30. It had RAW shooting capabilities, but I never could get the hang of it. I understood why it was better, but the software was old and I was never really sure what I was doing. RAW was not important and not a deal breaker.

 I seriously looked at the Nikon D40. My Mom’s old camera had a NB2L Battery Pack that was very expensive and while I thought I got a ton of pictures from it, I could not afford to buy another battery to shoot with while the first charged up. The Nikon D40 had a similar expensive battery too.

 The Canon PowerShot S5 IS uses 4 AA batteries. We have used rechargeable batteries since they arrived on the market.  They are much more within the family budget.

We bought the camera from B and H Photo Video. I highly recommend this company.

 We are loving the camera. She is a sweet girl and has let me and her siblings use it whenever it is not in her hands.

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