Quiet Weekend

I really needed a quiet weekend and I got it. Actually the whole family did.

No one had to be anywhere, not much house work got done either, but that is o.k.

I did pick-up the new copy of Victoria Magazine {July/August 2008} at the local Savemart store. I had not bought an issue in years. When the children were young I had a subscription. I found out last year that Victoria would begin republishing in December 2007. I have looked at the issues that have come out, but did not buy. It is now published bi-monthly.

Well this issue grabbed me for some reason. Maybe is was because I had $4.99 to spare? Or was it the cover photo. I have heard the cover photo is what matters most – if the sale will be made.

I love ads. I like to know what is out there and available. I especially love print ads. The colors, the products, the photography. This issue has ads for products I have not seen before. Maybe I just don’t get out enough.

Frances Mayes At Home In Tuscany – Wow. I love the warm, neutral colors. One of my daughters really liked it as well. Frances is a designer in residence at Drexel Heritage.

On another page the ad for Vieteri’s Seaside Celecrations. At the their web site you can locate a store near you.

I enjoyed the breif account of the Anne of Green Gables event. It brought back memeories of my oldest daughter who is almost 21 using Where the Brook and River Meet for her high school curriculum.

In the Children’s Corner I read about Beatrix Potter. Oh this issue reminds so much of the Victoria magazine of when the children were young. The neat thing is there is a whole new crop of woman who never saw the old issues (1990’s) and all of this is new to them.

Another thing that caught my eye as I stood in the asile of Savemart going through the pages of Victoria was an article about the Biltmore Estates. If it was not for Victoria magazine long ago, I would never have heard of Biltmore!

What sealed the deal was the beautiful pictures and layouts of the pictures. I am always looking for digital scrapbooking ideas for pictures and inspiration for photography. I found it in this issue!

If you have a chance – get this issue!

One Response to “Quiet Weekend”

  1. Karla Dornacher Says:

    Hi Dawna… just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all the times you’ve visited my blog and left your comments… I appreciate every one of them more than you know!

    I used to subscribe to Victoria and loved it… always inspiring. I still have boxes of copies tucked away under a bed. Haven’t seen any of the new ones but you’ve certainly made me want to go find this month’s edition. I’ll let you know if I do!

    I have visited the Biltmore and it is truly an amazing place. Had the blessing of going the second time at Christmas and it was gorgeous. One of my favorite memories was all the brown bag luminaries along the driveway… it was stunning!

    Bless you my friend…

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