Labor Day Weekend

I did not have fun plans for this weekend.

I had plans: cleaning, laundry, homeschool lesson planning…

But I want to DO something! GO somewhere! And like the rest of most families, we are short on cash these days (husband’s overtime has been cut).

What to do, what to do? Then I heard on the radio that “Gold Rush Days – Sacramento’s Heritage Celebration”. No admission cost. Just gas and food.

I talked it over with the husband and children and we just might go tomorrow Monday September 1.

We went many years ago and it was fun. The city shuts down Old Town and covers the street with dirt. There are lots of horses and wagons about and people in western clothes.

Of course we will take the Powershot S5 if we go. I will post pictures if we do.

Lazy Summer Sunday

Very nice Sunday today. I went to church – the early service – alone. The family slept in. The kitchen was clean when I got home.

I puttered around the house all day. We only had two fights. Pretty good with 5 children. I set up a new blog just for digital photography. My daughter is getting very good at it. I want to show off the pictures – large! On black.

I will still put photos here too. This picture is from the husband’s company picnic at a water park.

In The Garden

Wednesday night my husband and I went to a BBQ. The host family had the most beautiful back yard!

I asked if they would mind if my daughter and I came back the next day and took a few pictures, they said it would be fine. I have already burned a disk for them. The pictures turned out great!

Sewing Machine

This last weekend I bought a quilt kit on clearance.  My idea was for my girls and I to work on it together. The girls liked the bright bold colors.

We began Sunday while watching the Olympics. We had to lay all the colors/pattern pieces out and decide which combinations we liked best. That itself took a few hours.

The next day I pinned the rows together and they began to machine sew them. Everyone took turns and we had a good time. There was no rush and we finished it by the evening.

Here is a picture of my youngest daughter sewing. She is 10. The next photo is the quilt top on my bed.


Vintage Picture of My Grandmother and I

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Pretty Picture of the Week


This is my first full day back from Utah. No, this is the 2nd day…

My Grandma passed away last week at the age of 89. She was dearly loved by her family, her church family (Canyon Rim 4th Ward) and many others.

My Grandma had a huge impact on my younger years. I have taken up quilting, candy making and embroidery because of her example.

While we did not agree on religion, she loved me and took great joy in my children. I have 4 brothers and sisters and many cousins. She loved them deeply too and took great joy in those great-grand children.

Something I did not know. Grandma would have my Mom buy beautiful metal butterfly magnets. She kept the latest batch on her refrigerator and gave them to visiting children. That is so cool.

My Grandma made this apron and now it hangs in my kitchen.


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