Regional Center and Stuff

It has been a long two years. It went from my then 17 year old son having chest pain, to walking pneumonia, to possible Marfan syndrome, on to what the peds doc calls the million dollar work up. No Marfan. Moving on to revisiting ADD/H medications and could we look into if he has Autism? Many more doctors and yes, he does have Autism. Now he is 18 and no one will talk to me unless he signs a paper or tells them verbally.

Regional Center called last week. He was accepted as a life long client. I cried. The nice lady asked if I was o.k. I apologized and said it was just hard to go from thinking something was wrong to professionals saying there was something wrong. I did the same thing a few months ago when the Autism Spectrum Clinic had the finding meeting with us.

Today the the worker from Social Security called and said my son was approved for Supplemental Security Income. My son and I drove down to the office to fill out payee forms.

We are looking forward to my son graduating from the 12th grade this year. He has always been homeschooled along with his sisters. Regional Center will help with job training next year.

We have worked with our son these past months getting down on paper what his goals and wishes  for his adulthood. Between SSI and Regional Center we are going to do our best to make this happen.

One of my sons biggest concerns has been that he can not navigate adulthood. He knows something is wrong.

Because all of these people have taken an interest in him, he feels much better about his future. It is not just Mom and Dad making things happen (and we are so limited), but people who seem to know so much and care about him.

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