A Little Outing

Today we had an appointment at the community college for my 2 high school seniors. They will attend starting January 2009.

 We arrived on time and found parking. We bought out little all day parking pass at the yellow machine and headed for the building.

After the meeting we went and looked at the welding classroom and the machine shop classroom. My daughter took some pictures.

How Much?

I always wonder how much of our life to post on here.

I have read some blogs that share their joys and sorrows. I have read others that have more of a crafty bent and they are a link from a commercial site about the persons life aside from business. I have also read blogs that give great information and how to’s.

I do not know exactly what I want to do. Maybe all of the above!

Deep Breath

Whew! That was quiet a busy few weeks.

Things should settle down now.

Time for pictures. The children and I went to Apple Hill just past the El Dorado Hills. We had a very nice time. Alex was a good sport in dealing with the crowds of people. We quickly went to our families favorite spot after we bought our fudge. This area of Apple Hill that we like is very woodsy and while their are lots of little ones running around, there is more s p a c e and Alex enjoyed himself more.

We all played with the Canon PowerShot S5 IS. We brought the tri-pod with too. The fall colors, cool air and happy kids made for great pictures.

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