The New Year

This post is not really about the New Year. I just feel like I need acknowledge 2009 has begun.

I am not big on New Years resolutions. I am constantly making lists, deciding what things in myself and the home that can be improved and what steps to take to implement these things. I am not a slave to my day planner, but it is my brain.

We have been off from homeschooling forever it seems. The kids are getting very bored. We will start back in two weeks.

And an interesting thing – my 19 year old son has received a jury summons. We call in this weekend to the automated phone service and see if he has to show up on Monday. The only thing I can think of how he got a jury summons is because he is registered to vote.  Or because he registered for the selective service.

I searched and searched the paper for away for him to get out of serving. The only thing that comes close is the handicapped section (he has autism) and it says…call us and we will make the necessary accommodations. This is going to be interesting.

A sample of what we have done the past few days…


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