Back to School

The first day back for the new semester!

Everyone woke-up on time!

We had a nice breakfast, lots of time for 4 girls to get ready and 1 boy to be reminded to brush his hair!

Off to the college to get the oldest to her classes. Then the rest of us went to the bookstore and with our school work and worked on the weekly packets.

We had some hot chocolate while we did our work. Alex was bored and I told him I will bring the lap top next time. He is doing economics on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Monday/Wednesday/Friday is the crazy days.

Then we went back to the college and took Alex to see his special ed reading class that starts tomorrow. So how does he read for his economics work? He does it with Amanda. She reads the sections to him and he either answers orally or he writes short sentences.

We all headed over to Alisha’s last class and waited for her. Then we piled in to the van and went home.




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