Geneology and Family History

I probably have too many hobbies and interests for having a small income and large family.

Most of them are low cost and the husband and children enjoy them too.

One of my hobbies is genealogy research. My husband’s family and mine have made it pretty easy to compile family names and dates for ancestors in the the last 80 years.

On my Dad’s side of the family I was even able to make a web site about the Iowa side of the family.

I use several resources for researching information over 100 years old.

Family Search – A LDS site

FamilySearch Record Search – Also LDS. Awesome site. For now, you can get actual census records and print them out. – I have the free account, but I have learned how to look at other people family tree and use the “web search” feature and find helpful information that way. It takes some hit and miss if you are blindly searching. Sometimes I have have to delete and change information when I find more accurate information.

I am also playing around with making my own “book” using Photoshop and the Shutterfly. This is time consuming, and I have had to put it on hold for now. I am using a page size of 8×8. Here is a sample.


In looking for family members from long ago, I have found several web site about my ancestors on all side of the family. It has been exciting to see what a rich Christian heritage I have. I have an ancestor named Reverend Avery Hall. I have many family members on another side of the family that were Primitive Baptists. And I was surprised to learn that another branch of the family were Quakers!

I also found my share of long forgotten skeletons. I will just leave them in the closet. If asked I will be truthful, but they can just stay where they are. No sense in dragging them out now.

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