Descendants of William PILKINTON

COPYRIGHT James Fred Pilkinton Jr. 2004

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1.  William PILKINTON was born about 1680 in England (possibly Brindle in Lancashire).  He died about Mar 1748 in St. Anne’s Parrish, Essex County, Virginia Colony.

He was married to Appalonia about 1720/21 in Essex County, Virgin. Appalonia was born ABT 1700 in Germany?.  William PILKINTON and Appalonia had the following children:

  1. Ambrose PILKINTON.
  2. William PILKINGTON was born about 1730 in Essex County, Virginia.  He died about 1771 in Chesterfield County, Virginia.
  3. Appalonia PILKINTON was born about 1730 in Essex County, Virginia.
  4. Jane PILKINTON was born about 1730 in Essex County, Virginia.
  5. Francis PILKINTON was born about 1730 in Essex County, Virginia.



2.  Ambrose PILKINTON was born in 1720 in Essex or Richmond County, Virginia.  He died on Mar 9 1774 in St. Anne’s Parrish, Essex County, Virginia.

He was married to Sarah about 1774 in Virginia.  Ambrose PILKINTON and Sarah had the following children:

  1. Nicanor PILKINTON.



7.  Nicanor PILKINTON was born about 1750 in Essex County Virginia.

Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost   and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word. And the saying pleased the whole multitude: and they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost, and Philip, and Prochorus, and Nicanor, and Timon, and Parmenas, and Nicolas a proselyte of Antioch.” Acts 6: 3-5


Nicanor (ny- cane – or) is indeed an unusual name, but Biblical in origin and in translation meaning a “conqueror”, or “victorious”. Nicanor was born circa 1750 to 1755 most likely in Essex County of the colony of Virginia”

He was married.  Nicanor PILKINTON had the following children:

  1. William PILKINTON was born in 1775 in Virginia, USA.  He died in Aug 1849 in Guilford County, North Carolina. William Pilkinton of Essex County, Virginia. Nicanor named his first son William, which due to naming customs of early tidewater Chesapeake families, one may assume that William was the name of Nicanor’s paternal grandfather. Since there was a William Pilkinton in Essex County, that would tend to bolster the case for Nicanor to be related to the Essex group (if added to the preponderance of the evidence) COPYRIGHT James Fred Pilkinton Jr. 2004
  2. Ambrose PILKINTON was born about 1780 in Virginia, USA.  He died about 1860 in Hawkins County, Tennessee.
  3. Larkin PILKINTON.
  4. Jesse PILKINTON was born in 1792 in North Carolina, USA.  He died on Dec 17 1862 in Shawneetown, Gallatin County, Illinois.
  5. Caroline PILKINTON was born in 1800 in Guilford County, North Carolina.  She died about 1850 in Gallatin County, Illinois.



10.  Larkin PILKINTON was born on Mar 1 1781 in Virginia, USA.  He died on May 11 1858 in Culleoka,Maury,Tennessee,USA.  Religion: Methodist Episcopal Church – Methodist Episcopal Church Joined 1810 Burial: Camp Ground Cemetery, Culleoka, Tennessee

Occupation: Farmer

“Maury County Cousins, Bible and Family Records,” Compiled by Maury County, Tennessee, Historical Society, 1967 and 1978; copied from Mesa, Arizona, Family History Library, LDS Church, book “U.S. Tenn. Williamson V 29-1,” Submitted by Opal Hayes; text in brackets are her remarks.

He was married to Nancy DICKSON. Nancy DICKSON was born on Dec 7 1784 in North Carolina, USA.  She died on Apr 14 1859 in Maury,Tennessee,USA.  Larkin PILKINTON and Nancy DICKSON had the following children:

  1. Minor  C PILKINTON.
  2. William PILKINTON was born on Sep 1 1819 in Maury,Tennessee,USA.  He died on Mar 1 1820 in Maury,Tennessee,USA.
  3. Sarah E PILKINTON.



13.  Minor  C PILKINTON died in 1860.  He was born 1817-11-05 in North Carolina, USA.  Burial: Camptown Cemetery, Culleoka, TN. (Next To Larkin) I have read his name as Minus too.

Occupation: Farmer

He was married to Elizabeth J MANGRUM (daughter of MANGRUM and Jane) on Sep 11 1844 in Maury,Tennessee,USA. Elizabeth J MANGRUM was born in 1826 in Tennessee,USA.  Minor C PILKINTON and Elizabeth J MANGRUM had the following children:

  1. William H PILKINTON.
  2. Thomas Jefferson Lafayette PILKINTON was born in 1847.
  3. John Wesley PILKINTON was born in 1849.
  4. Nancy Jane PILKINTON was born in 1856.

15.  Sarah E PILKINTON was born on May 1 1821 in Maury,Tennessee,USA.  She died on Aug 18 1885 in Maury,Tennessee,USA.

She was married to Tidwell GREEN BURY on Jul 23 1850 in Maury,Tennessee,USA. Tidwell GREEN BURY was born on Aug 14 1816 in Maury,Tennessee,USA.



16.  William H PILKINTON was born about 1846 in Maury,Tennessee,USA.  (1900 census living at 18 Woods Street, Maury Tenn)

1 William Henry Pilkinton b: 25 MAR 1844/1846 in Tennessee or MS

* Married: 4 DEC 1864 3 in Maury County, Tennessee

He was married to Adeline Elizabeth HULL (daughter of Rev Rowland Randolph HULL and Susan Caroline RENFRO) on Dec 4 1864 in Maury County, Tenn. Adeline Elizabeth HULL was born on Mar 20 1847 in Tennessee,USA.  She died on Jun 14 1916 in Maury County, Tennessee.  She was buried on Jun 17 1916 in Rose Hill Cemetery Maury County, Tennessee.  William H PILKINTON and Adeline Elizabeth HULL had the following children:

1. Hattie Elizabeth Pilkinton b: 10 SEP 1865 in Columbia, Tennessee

2.  James L. (Lafayette?) Pilkinton b: 28 JUN 1867 in Maury County, Tennessee

3.  Mary T. Pilkinton b: JAN 1869 in Maury County, Tennessee

4.  Roland Bramley Pilkinton b: 26 JAN 1870 in Maury County, Tennessee

5.  Orville Calvin Pilkinton b: 16 NOV 1872 in Maury County, Tennessee

6.  Margaret Izora Pilkinton b: 4 DEC 1874 in Maury County, Tennessee

7.  Alvin Dane Pilkinton b: 15 AUG 1876 in Maury County, Tennessee

8.  Harvey A. Pilkinton b: 18 JUN 1880 in Maury County, Tennessee

9.  Lydia Pearl Pilkinton b: 25 OCT 1886 in Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee

10.  Robert Elmer Pilkinton b: 16 JUN 1891 in Maury County, Tennessee



19.  Orville Calvin PILKINTON was born on Nov 16 1872 in Maury,Tennessee,USA.  He died on Jul 11 1950 in Mountain Brook, Talladega, Al.  He was buried on Jul 13 1950 in Talladega, Talladega, Al.  Occupation: Layman At Steel Factory In 1930

He was married to Minerva Elizabeth Izora (Maggie) DIAL (LIZZIE) (daughter of John William Russ DIAL and Priscilla SMITH) on Jun 10 1894 in Giles County, Tennessee. Minerva Elizabeth Izora (Maggie) DIAL (LIZZIE) was born on Jul 10 1874 in Culleoka, Maury, Tn.  She died on Nov 20 1965 in Birmingham, Jefferson, Al.  She was buried on Nov 21 1965 in Talladega Cemetary, Talladega, Talladega, Al.

Name:        Elizabeth Dial

Home in 1880:   District 7, Meigs, Tennessee

Age:     2

Estimated Birth Year:     abt 1878

Birthplace:        Tennessee

Relation to Head of Household:             Daughter

Father’s Name: John H.

Father’s birthplace:        Tennessee

Mother’s Name:             Delilah

Mother’s birthplace:       Tennessee

Neighbors:        View others on page

Marital Status:   Single

Race:    White

Gender:            Female

Household Members:

Name    Age

  1. John H. Dial      40

Delilah Dial       35

  1. Jemimah J. Dial            14

William C. Dial   12

Nancy Dial        10

Margaret Dial    8

  1. Robert L. Dial    6

Elizabeth Dial    2

Winfield Dial     5M

Orville Calvin PILKINTON and Minerva Elizabeth Izora (Maggie) DIAL (LIZZIE) had the following children:

  1. Buelah Mae PILKINTON.
  2. Annis Gertrude PILKINTON.
  3. Eunice Izora PILKINTON was born on Jan 6 1900 in Giles County, Tennessee.  She died on Feb 2 1917 in Talladega, Alabama.  unmarried Occupation: Knitting Mill
  4. Addie Lee PILKINTON.
  5. Oscar Clayton PILKINTON.
  6. John William Thornton PILKINTON.
  7. Orville Granville PILKINTON.
  8. Vernell PILKINTON.
  9. Vester Hagaman Albert PILKINTON.



21.  Buelah Mae PILKINTON was born on Apr 19 1894 in Giles County, Tennessee.  She died on Apr 17 1928 in Montgomery, Montgomery, Al.  She was buried on Apr 19 1928 in Oakwood Cementary, Montgomery.

She was married to Franklin Joseph KNIGHT (son of ROBERT LEVI KNIGHT and ELIZABETH ANN MANN) on Mar 23 1912 in Montgomery, Montgomery, Al. Franklin Joseph KNIGHT was born on Feb 22 1891 in Lapine, Montgomery, Alabama.  He died on Oct 28 1943.  He was buried on Oct 30 1943 in Mesa City Cementary, Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  Buelah Mae PILKINTON and Franklin Joseph KNIGHT had the following children:

  1. Thora Oraphene KNIGHT.
  2. Oneita KNIGHT.
  3. Juanita KNIGHT.
  4. Elvia Elizabeth KNIGHT.
  5. Frances May KNIGHT.
  6. Aubry Calvin (AC) KNIGHT.
  7. Edna Erle KNIGHT was born on Apr 1 1924 in Montgomery, Montgomery, Al.  She died on Dec 29 1938.
  8. Joseph Callis (JC) KNIGHT.
  9. John Franklin KNIGHT was born on Apr 17 1928 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama.  He died on Apr 17 1928 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama.  Stillborn. Mother died at his birth.

22.  Annis Gertrude PILKINTON was born on Aug 29 1896 in Giles County, Tennessee.  She died on Jan 9 1970.

She was married to Oscar GOODIN.

24.  Addie Lee PILKINTON was born on Jan 5 1902 in Giles County, Tennessee.  She died on May 5 1984.

She was married to Powell Richard MCDOUGAL on Jun 2 1918.

25.  Oscar Clayton PILKINTON was born on Oct 29 1904 in Giles County, Tennessee.  He died on Oct 10 1978.

He was married to Mable Lee JOHNS on Nov 15 1924.

26.  John William Thornton PILKINTON was born on Feb 10 1906 in Humbolt, Gibson, Tn.  He died on Sep 26 1958.

He was married to Marie Evelyn BRITNER on Aug 3 1925.

27.  Orville Granville PILKINTON was born on Dec 7 1908 in Humbolt, Gibson, Tn.

He was married to Nena COLLIER on Oct 26 1929.

28.  Vernell PILKINTON was born on Jan 12 1912 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama.

She was married to Jack SORSBY on May 5 1928.

29.  Vester Hagaman Albert PILKINTON was born on Jul 2 1917 in Talladega, Talladega, Al.  He died on Nov 7 1939.

He was married to Elizabeth NOBLES in 1938. Elizabeth NOBLES



30.  Thora Oraphene KNIGHT was born on Jun 16 1912 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama.  She died in 1989.

She was married to Vere CLUFF on Jan 19 1934.  Thora Oraphene KNIGHT and Vere CLUFF had the following children:

  1. Male CLUFF.
  2. Male CLUFF.
  3. Male CLUFF.  .
  4. Male CLUFF.

31.  Oneita KNIGHT was born on Apr 25 1914 in Montgomery, Montgomery, Al.  She died on Jan 17 1947.  She was buried in Mesa Cemetary, Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.

She was married to Vernon Cornelious FURR on May 18 1933.  Oneita KNIGHT and Vernon Cornelious FURR had the following children:

  1. Shirley FURR.
  2. Richard Melvin FURR.
  3. Vernita FURR.
  4. Pam FURR.

32.  Juanita KNIGHT was born on Apr 25 1914 in Montgomery, Montgomery, Al.  She died on Feb 16 1963.

She was married to Laurence KANE on May 18 1933.  She was divorced from Laurence KANE on Jun 6 1934.

She was married to Jewel William PARKER on Jan 4 1947.

33.  Elvia Elizabeth KNIGHT was born on May 5 1916 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama.

She was married to Gerald JOHNSON on Jul 28 1935.  She was divorced from Gerald JOHNSON on Sep 28 1939.

She was married to Rex HOPPER on Oct 2 1939.

34.  Frances May KNIGHT was born on Dec 17 1918 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama.  She died on Jul 26 2008 in Salt Lake City Utah.  Soon after the death of her mother and the remarriage of her father, the family moved across the county to Arizona. At 16 she left home to  live and work at Helen Millet Dana’s maternity home in Mesa Arizona.

“Helen Millet Dana 1885-1961 This nurse operated a maternity home at her residence and also traveled with a physician by horse and buggy to help deliver babies. She officiated at or assisted in the delivery of more than 12,500 babies in the Mesa area. She also took in unwed mothers and found good adoptive homes for their babies.”                                        Taken from Mesa Cemetery Walking Tour Guide

Frances also worked at Safeway Grocery in Arizona as an adult and in Utah, Frances was a Lunch Supervisor for the Granite schools. She also in charge of nurses/companions for Elder Stapley’s wife. She was also known for her quilting and candy making.

She was divorced from LEON HYRUM PHELPS. LEON HYRUM PHELPS (son of Orson Ashael PHELPS and Rebecca Hannah ALLEN) was born on Jun 10 1914 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.  He died on Oct 6 1990.  He was buried in Woodland Cemetery, Deer Park, Spokane County, Washington.  Leon graduated from Gila Community College in Payeson Arizona.  Frances May KNIGHT and LEON HYRUM PHELPS had the following children:

+47 i. Living Female MILLER (PHELPS).

She was married to Henry (Rudolph) MILLER (MULLER) Jr (son of Henry Sr MILLER and Anna Maria FETZER) on May 25 1944. Henry (Rudolph) MILLER (MULLER) Jr was born on Jun 20 1900 in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.  He died on Nov 3 1997 in Salt Lake City Utah.  He was buried in Wasatch Lawns Cemetery.  Henry worked for Salt Lake Cabinet and Restaurant Supply Company until he was 70 and then retired. After that he kept the financial books for a grocery store called GS Market in Salt Lake City Utah until he was 82. Henry enjoyed working in the Boy Scouts program, conducting music including at Great Saltaire and in the church. He served in the military in Arizona. Frances May KNIGHT and Henry (Rudolph) MILLER (MULLER) Jr had the following children:

  1. Living Female MILLER (PHELPS).
  2. Richard Kent MILLER.
  3. Living Male MILLER.

35.  Aubry Calvin (AC) KNIGHT was born on March 4 1921 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama.

He was married to Dorothy Louise ACKERS on Dec 13 1942.  He was divorced from Dorothy Louise ACKERS.

He was married to Virginia Lodema SAVAGE on Jul 2 1949.

37.  Joseph Callis (JC) KNIGHT was born on Jan 23 1926 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama.

He was married to  BRUNDAGE.

46.  Pam FURR.  Pamela FURR

Birth Date:        26 Oct 1952

Death Date:      6 May 2007

State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:     Alabama

Death Residence Localities

ZIP Code:         36108

Localities:         Dannelly, Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama

Mtgy, Montgomery, Alabama

She was married to BOLDING.

47.  Living Female MILLER (PHELPS) was born on Sep 2 1941 in Arizona.

She was married to Larry Lee LARSON (son of Clarence William LARSON and Signa Vera PEARSON) on Sep 2 1961 in Ely Nevada. Larry Lee LARSON was born on Sep 21 1939 in Ottumwa Iowa.  He died on Sep 27 2004 in Ottumwa Iowa.

The grand kids all called Larry “Papa”

Larry died of a heart attack while on vacation in Ottumwa, Iowa.

He died in his sister Lois’s home in the middle of the night.

It was his second, possible third heart attack.

The day before Larry and Lois had gone to the cemetery where their Mom Signa was buried.

Living Female MILLER (PHELPS) and Larry Lee LARSON had the following children:

  1. Male LARSON.
  2. Female LARSON.
  3. Male LARSON.
  4. Female LARSON.
  5. Female LARSON.

48.  Richard Kent MILLER was born on Jan 1 1946 in Salt Lake City Utah. (photo) He died on Jan 23 2008 in Salt Lake City Utah.

12 Responses to “Descendants of William PILKINTON”

  1. Larry B. PILKINTON Says:

    Born Pontiac Michigan, April 22 1957, to Larry J. and Doreen(HOYES) PILKINTON. Younger brother Davide N. Pilkinton, har a Son Jared Ray PILKINTON. My Grand-Father Jack A. PILKINTON, retired from General Motors and two of the younger sons Terry and Brad moved to Florida to take care of him. As near as I can tell Davide, Jared, and I are the last of the MICHIGAN LINE.

  2. amoena Says:

    Thank You for adding this. Any info is always appreciated.


  3. Betty Ridgeway Says:

    Minor C. Pilkinton married Elizabeth J. Mangrum. She was the daughter of Edwin Mangrum and Jane P. Allen. Jane’s first husband was John Whitfield. Jane did not remarry after Edwin Mangrum’s death.

  4. amoena Says:

    Thank you Betty for writing.

    This is very good information. Thank you! I need to get busy on searching the Mangrum line and this will be very helpful.


  5. Pam Farris Says:

    I was just wondering where you got your information about Mr. Granvillile Pilkinton from? Are you from Maury Couny Tn.? I have lived here for almost 56 years now and grew up with this man by this name and knew when he died and just wanted to know if it was the same man but his name was spelled different when my family knew him.We lived close by him and helped each other out. thanks. Pam

  6. James Says:

    I am James Joseph Tryon, grandson of Shirley Ann Furr and Frank Peacock.

  7. Judy Flowers Says:

    Thank you for sharing your research on the name Parmenas. We have never been able to learn the origin of the name of a family member, Parmenas Claytus(os) Harding born in 1842 in Mississippi. His father, Lewis G. Harding, was from Stafford County, VA, the son of Mark Harding and Clarissa Million Harding. Lewis’ wife, Elizabeth Jane Yancy’s parents, Philip Yancy and Mary Dinah Hester were from Granville County, NC. Philip was a tutor of Latin and astrology. This is where we thought the name Parmenas came into the picture. Mark Harding (Stafford and Northumberland) was married to Nancy Young of Stafford Co. VA, and her father William Young was from Stafford and Caroline Counties. Could there have been any connection with your family near Nancy and William Young or the Hardings?

  8. Dawna Says:

    Hi Judy
    I cross referenced the names and dates you gave, but I am sorry I could not find any thing even close.
    I am always doing research. If I do find anything in the future, I will write again :- }

  9. James C. Pilkinton Says:

    This is my understanding of the Ambrose Pilkinton line: He married an Adar or Edeley Heath @1812 in Guilford County, NC and they had seven children: Drury b. 1813 ; Andrew Jackson B. 1814; My ancestor – Asa Pilkinton b. 6 February 1817 Guilford County, NC; Denny; Michael; Peter; and Nancy

    Per oral history, Asa moved through TN, AL, MS, briefly to the Red River region along what is now the TX-OK border, then back to Lowndes County, MS.

    Asa Pilkinton m. Temperance Jane Cox (both Burried at Sand Hill Cemetery Near Mayhew between Columbus and Starkville, MS) . Their son Henry Pilkinton was the father of my grandfather – Samuel Talmadge Pilkinton b. 1884 Near Mayhew, MS. He married Jamie Ervin Cox and they had two children – my Father Samuel Talmadge Pilkinton (1922-2002) and Constance (1925-2014).

    My father Married Helen Clark House from Cleveland, MS and they had five children: Helen House (Hedi) Pilkinton b. 1945, Samuel T. Pilkinton III (1949-2016), David LeValle Pilkinton b. 1951, William Charles Cox Pilkinton b. 1953 and me – James Clark Pilkinton b. 1961.

    If this sounds about right or if anyone has information to add, I would appreciate feedback –


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