Nikon d80 and the Canon s5 go for a Day Trip

Nikon d80 and the Canon s5 go for a Day Trip

How is that for a title?

The owner of the Nikon d80 is my sweet little sister. The owner of the Canon s5 is my sweet daughter.

We all (bad grammar?) went to San Francisco while my sister and her husband were visiting from Utah.

My sister knows her way around her camera and every now and again my daughter let me take photos with her Canon s5.

San Francisco is a constant feast for photography. It was a clear warm day. O.K. warm for San Francisco. Being from the San Francisco Bay Area, we were dressed for San Francisco. This made the day much more enjoyable.

I have owned 3 cameras. I had an HP point and shoot in 2001. I needed a better camera and up graded to the Kodak  c330. I thought I was up grading. Next came the Canon A540. It took about 12 months to out grow the Canon A540. My younger daughter has it now.

With each camera I learned to take the very best pictures I could. I learned why I could not take any better pictures with finally the Canon A540. Along the way I have taught the kids everything I have learned about taking photos. By the time the kids own a Nikon d80 they will take fantastic photos.

It is not just having a great camera that improves photography. I have taken hundreds and hundreds photos. I have read and read and read books, blogs and internet web sites on composition, rule of thirds and all that very important stuff. And I still have much room to improve.

I read a neat thing here on the interwebs

The difference between a person who takes pictures and a photographer – picture taker snaps a shot and hopes it turns out. A photographer takes many photos and chooses the best one.

Which photos are the Nikon d80 and which are from Canon s5?

Fort Point View Of Golden Gate Bridge

sheri's san fran 079



sheri's san fran 002

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