Garage Sale Postponed

Postponed Sadly. It looks like it will rain this weekend.

I am glad I took my daughter out and about so she could get her photos done for her photography class.

I Love Books

I went through my book shelves today. I have a pile of old books to sell at my next garage sale.

A few days a go I went to the Christan book store. I found several books I would like to own.  *sigh*.

Yesterday I spent the day at Barnes and Nobles with the kids while I waited for my college kids to get out of their classes. My friend stopped by to visit with her kids. She saw my small stack of books I was quickly reading. We talked about which ones were good and which ones were really good.

I had planned for the garage sale money to go towards buying needed items for the children*. But maybe, if I do well, I could take $20.00 and buy a book…

*Our 4 out of 5 of the kids are mildly handicapped and require  a good deal of support still in their daily living. 3 are over 18, and slowly progressing and we hope one day will be able to live in their own homes/apartments.

Digital Photography

Sunny Day

I took my daughter for an outing. It was very fun.

Digital Photography

To Cold For Cat and Mouse

Funny Things Kids Say

Tonight my 22 yr. old daughter made her specialty Chicken dish.

I told her that when she wants to catch a guy, cook him that dish! She said, “Well the way to man’s heart is through his stomach.”

My 11 yr.old was listening and said ” Oh, that is gross!”

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