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A sick spouse is no fun. I can’t even say how many times I wanted a wife because the care and fussin’ and your every whim is met, just because your sick.

Well my husband came down with what we thought was the flu. He had a 103. fever for two days. Because he is diabetic our family has to be extra observant when he is ill for any signs he may need a doctor. He was having trouble with his glucose, probably from his fever.

The 2nd day of the fever, he suddenly got well. Fever gone, and he was up and about for 2 hours. Then he said, “Can you look at my leg, I think something is wrong?” Knee to ankle, front and back – hot pink and swelled up his left leg was.

I knew right away it was an infection. By now it was almost 5:00p. We called the doctor’s office and they were closed. We could wait another hour for the night clinic to start and call and see if they could get him in.

We headed for the ER. The waiting room had about 6 people in it. We were seen pretty quickly by triage. Then back to chairs. 20 minutes go by and we are taken to a exam room. The doctor came in after about 15 minutes. He said it looked like Cellulitis. Here I thought it was a staph infection, just kidding. The doctor wanted an ultra sound just to make sure there was not a blood clot and blood work and cultures done.  He would also need an IV of antibiotics while there and would go home on two antibiotics.

He was taken in a wheel chair to the x-ray dept. where the ultra sound machine was. It was nice that everything was done so quickly. The IV was started when he came back to the room and I was sent to the pharmacy across the hospital to get the medicines. We were in the ER about 3 1/2 hours, maybe 4.  They were getting busy by the time we left. 5 people in line at the front desk. 13 people in chairs.

We had a follow up appointment yesterday in the Saturday clinic. Even though his leg looked worse, the infection did not spread. Today the angry red skin is looking a little better. The pain is still very bad he says. Glad they prescribed Vicodin. My husband’s blood sugar numbers are looking better today.

The cost of such great care? Well the medical insurance is taken out of my husbands bi-weekly check. It is currently for our family of 7. It includes our adult handicapped son, 2 daughters in college and our 2 minor children and myself. $6,000.00 per year. Some times the college girls to not take enough units and get dropped, but then can be added the next semester if they get there units up again.

Our co-pay is $50.00 for ER visits. $20.00 for clinic visits. If we are refereed to a specialist (and we usually are) it is still $20.00. Pharmacy medicine is $15.00 for 90 day generic supply. $25.00 for name brand 90 day supply.

The $500.00 dollars a month out of my husbands check just kills the family budget. But the amount of medical problems our family runs into over the course of a year, diabetes medicine, asthma medicines and other prescriptions needed each month would probably cost us more. I don’t know how much MRI’s and ultra sounds  cost, or our prescriptions cost. Lab work? Could not even guess. I often try to figure out if we canceled medical insurance and saved the money in the bank earning interest,  would it ease the monthly budget problems? My husband won’t even let me find out. And when something like this past weeks medical problems occur, I am glad he says no.

And his work? They have been nice, his boss called Saturday afternoon to check on him. He missed 3 days of work last week. The company did away with sick time last year. There has been many layoffs at my husbands work, at least he still has a job. He used up his accrued vacation time in February when the company shut down for a week to save money.

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