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Hottest Trends for Senior Portraits

I like to stay in the know, especially when it come to portrait photography. I Heart Faces Photography has a fantastic post. They are sharing tips and ideas for the new trends in Senior Portraits this year – and the season is right around the corner! Check it out here.

Happy Thursday

The housework is done, the kids got their school work done, the husband is at work and all seems right with the world today.

Looking Up and Forward

This pretty kitty belongs to one of my daughters.

Can Not Believe It

My dear sweet precious pincushion of a husband had to go back to the ER late yesterday afternoon.

The infection was coming back. They treated him with another IV and sent him home with the IV still in his arm. A wonderful nurse came to our home today and taught my husband how to do his own IV. We have a refrigerator full of antibiotics.

Discharged From Hospital

I am happy to say my husband was discharged from the hospital. It seems the worst is over. He will be taking two antibiotics and an over the counter Acidophilus pill to get the good bacteria growing again. He will be off work until April 12. His company does not offer sick pay. He does not have any vacation days left. He used his vacation days in February during the company shut down so that his paycheck would be a full 80 hours. We are in a pickle now.

The important thing is he is improving  and home where he belongs.

Health Care Part ll

The antibiotics did not work. My husband also had an allergic reaction to the oral antibiotics. He came down with a terrible rash on his torso. We found out today it is $500.00 for the hospital admission. He will be there hopefully only 48 hours. I took the kids twice today to see him. I probably made the nursing staff mad refusing sliding scale insulin. They had to order his oral diabetes pills and I have to bring his Metformin in 3 times a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. *sigh*

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