I Need A Nap Too

The War Between the States

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My Grandma sometimes talked about her family and the Civil War. As a child this was very puzzling. My Grandma was from Arizona! As a teen I realized she was born in Alabama.

My Grandma would say her family would talk about the war as if it was recent and a different outlook on the whole thing. When I saw the movie “Sweet Home Alabama” I got a glimpse of what she meant.

This is from the above website

We either were or knew families who had been monetarily comfortable before the War and had nothing but their manners and their pride afterwards, even 100 years later. “

Off to the Movies

The girls went to the movies for the very first time by themselves. They saw Legend of the Guardians. They had a wonderful time. They loved the movie. They want to buy the sound track.

This is David

David used to be in construction. Like many, many people,  hard times have hit. David was standing on the center divide asking for money. I gave him all my change. I did not have anything else my self.

It was a good reminder that there is always someone worse off than you. Count your blessings and thank the Lord for what you do have.

The Kids

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