Pottery Barn

I had a chance to spend some quality time at the Pottery Barn last week after the discovery of Love Culture.

I am falling in love with the charm of a rustic farm-house look and feel. Our home is small and cozy and lived in – with 5 kids, it is very lived in!

I have an issue from last year’s Country French magazine. One home featured was a California ranch home, that from the outside looked nice, kept up, but not special.

But inside – Oh Wow! And I thought “There is hope for my house” It looked old world rustic. It looked like it was built-in another time and place. They did such a good job.

Back to Pottery Barn. I get wonderful ideas and so inspired just by walking around the store.  I can not afford the prices, but I can make do with similar finds from yard sales and thrift stores. It is not so much the exact look, I want the feel.

Photos I took at PB


Love Culture

I took the girls to the mall this week. We went to a clothes store I had never been to. The clothes prices were great! I think it might be this Mom’s new favorite store.

Sun Rise

The Christian Flag

The Christian Flag was first conceived on September 26, 1897, at Brighton Chapel on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York in the United States.

Since the Christian Flag was inspired by the flag of the United States, it takes its colors and overall design from the American flag.

The flag’s most conspicuous symbol is the Christian cross, the most universal symbol for Christianity. The red color is intended to represent the blood of Jesus as described in the story of his crucifixion. Christians believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection is the means God uses to save believers from their sins. The cross and blood have been used since earliest Christianity to symbolize salvation through Jesus; in the words of the Apostle Paul, “Through [Jesus] God reconciles himself to all things… making peace by the blood of the cross” (Colossians 1:20).

The white field draws on symbolism throughout the Bible equating white clothes with purity and forgiveness. People who have been “washed white as snow” in the Bible have been cleansed from their sins (Isaiah 1:18). In conventional vexillology a white flag is linked to surrender, a reference to the Biblical description Jesus’ non-violence and surrender to God’s will.

The blue square represents faithfulness, truth, and sincerity.

Since the flag is not tied to any specific religious denomination or church institution, it signifies the unity of all followers of Jesus Christ within the Kingdom of God despite historical, cultural, and dogmatic differences. Its simplicity makes it easily copied by any community of Christians.

The canton of this flag transgresses one of the traditional rules of flag design, which states that two colors (other than white or yellow) have to be separated by a metal (silver = white, or gold = yellow). The white field would also be advised against in conventional vexillology as it is easily mistaken for the white flag of surrender.

Source- Wikipedia

What I Am Going Through

How is that for a title.
I have been going through my stacks of magazines. This is what I am keeping. I have 4 more stacks to go through. The majority of the magazines are Victoria. Some ME Home Companion. Some Country Living and some odds and ends like old catalogs from The Country House.

They are like old friends, but I need de-clutter. In a small house with 7 people sometimes I feel like I need to see empty space just for my own sanity.

Cool Stuff at WalMart

I saw this at WalMart. It is a brand new super WalMart. I only go if it is very early in the morning becauses it gets so crowded.

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