What I Am Going Through

How is that for a title.
I have been going through my stacks of magazines. This is what I am keeping. I have 4 more stacks to go through. The majority of the magazines are Victoria. Some ME Home Companion. Some Country Living and some odds and ends like old catalogs from The Country House.

They are like old friends, but I need de-clutter. In a small house with 7 people sometimes I feel like I need to see empty space just for my own sanity.

One Response to “What I Am Going Through”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    I am thrilled to see I am not alone on this one. I have stacks and stacks everywhere too and even went so far as to ship them with us when we moved from New Zealand to England. It is so hard to decide which ones to toss…I tear out sheets but then end up needing more storage for those!

    Thanks for your comment about Kate Mears…I think it is a great idea, hope you get to do it!

    Best wishes

    Jeanne 🙂

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