With Grateful Hearts We Thank Thee

It was a very nice day with the family. Good food, lots of help, family time and rest.

My dear husband was absent on turkey carving day in school. It was however moist and yummy.

Happy Thanksgiving

O.k. now that is out-of-the-way, exactly what are the rules for the Christmas season?

Black Friday – The day retailers make enough money from sales to be in the Black finally, except we find out it is all a hoax. The 5 flat panel TV’s at each Wal-Mart will be gone in a$198.00 flash. The day retailers really look forward to is the Saturday before Christmas. Now there is a shopping day.

I remember 20 years ago or so in the Bay Area the stores were open on Thanksgiving Day and offering big sales. It was a flop, not to be repeated again until 2010. I went with my Aunt and cousins out window shopping. It is a treasured memory.

This year more stores than ever had their Christmas songs and decor up and running before Halloween. Oh how people reacted, and retailers turn a deaf ear.

But don’t we love the Christmas Spirit. Don’t we say in wonder how people are more polite during the Christmas season. The Salvation Army puts up their Giving Tree for the needy children and people happily take a tag to get a boy or girl what they wish for.

Then what the heck is the problem? The sooner the politeness and kindness begins the better.

The separation of the meaning of Christmas and the retail side of the season can be done!


Visiting Old Places

My daughter is doing a photo project for school. I drove her around so she could take photos. I took a few of my own.

Almost Like Grandma’s

Saw this Orange Gem at the Home Goods Store this week.

My Grandma had the smaller yellow version of this! I took a peek inside, nope, looks nothing like Grandma’s. Very modern looking inside.

The Christmas Issue

It happens every year. Issues about Christmas. Well Here is an on-line answer!

Inspired Ideas!!!

Trip Last Month to Apple Hill

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