Catherine Beecher Treatise on Domestic Economy pt. 6

Catherine Beecher, Lover of Christ, Defender of Home Making and Encourager of Womanhood

Treatise on Domestic Economy

Many persons imagine, that, if they violate the laws of health in performing religious or domestic duties, they are guiltless before God. But such greatly mistake. We as directly violate the law “thou shalt not kill”, when we do what tends to risk or shorten our own life, as if we should intentionally run a dagger into a neighbor. The life and happiness of all His creatures are dear to our Creator; and He is much displeases, when we injure our own interests, as when we injure others.

Some persons endeavor to systematize their pursuits, by apportioning them to particular hours of each day. For example, a certain hour is given to devotional duties; after breakfast, certain hours devoted to exercise and domestic employments; other hours for sewing, or reading, or visiting; and others to benevolent duties. But in most cases, it is more difficult to systematize the hours of each day, than it is to sustain some regular division of the week.

In regard to the minute of domestic arrangements, the Writer has known the following methods adopted.

MONDAY, with some of the best housekeepers, is devoted to preparing for the labors of the week. Any extra cooking, the purchasing of articles to be used during the week, and the assorting of clothes for the wash day, and mending such as would be injured without; – these similar items belong to this day.

TUESDAY is devoted to washing, and

WEDNESDAY to ironing.

On THURSDAY, the ironing is finished off, the clothes folded and put away, and articles which need mending put in the mending basket, and attended to.

FRIDAY is devoted to sweeping and housecleaning.

On SATURDAY, and especially the last Saturday of the month, every department is put in order; the castors and table are regulated, the pantry and cellar inspected, the trunks, drawers, and closets arranged, and everything about the house put in order for SUNDAY.

All the cooking needed for Sunday is also prepared. By this regular recurrence of a particular time for inspecting every thing, nothing is forgotten till ruined by neglect.

to be continued….

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