Catherine Beecher Treatise on Domestic Economy pt. 8

Catherine Beecher, Lover of Christ, Defender of Home Making and Encourager of Womanhood

Treatise on Domestic Economy

Another important item, in systematic economy, is the apportioning of regular employment to the various members of a family. If a housekeeper can secure the cooperation of all her family, she will find that “many hands make light work”. There is no greater mistake, than in bringing up children to feel that they must be taken care of, and waited on, by others, without corresponding obligations on their part. The extent to which young children can be made use useful in a family, would seem surprising to those who have never seen a systematic and regular plan of securing their services. The Writer has been in a family, where a little girl of eight or nine washed and dressed herself and little brother, made their beds before breakfast, set and cleared the tables at meals, with a little help from a grown person in moving tables and spreading clothes, while all the dusting of parlors and chambers was also neatly performed by her. A little brother of ten, brought in and piled all the wood used in the kitchen and parlor, brushed the boots and shoes neatly, went on errands, and took all the care of poultry. They were children whose parents could afford to hire this service, but who chose to have their children grow up healthy and industrious, while proper instruction, system, and encouragement, made these services rather a pleasure than otherwise to the children.

to be continued…

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