The Royal Wedding

Just a few thoughts about it.

Tasteful, Sweet, and very enjoyable. Best wishes to the Wedding couple!

It’s Here! It Arrived!


Spring has finally arrived. I took these photos at the Delta College while waiting to pick up Alisha and Amanda from class. It is a very large garden.

This Will Be Interesting…

This Will Be Interesting…Our adult son was once again mailed a summons for jury duty in Superior Court.

Last year his group never had to come in. This year his group did have to come in and He and I spent the day first waiting for his name to be called and then sitting in the actual court room.

There were so many potential jurors in the court room there were barely enough seats. Slowly the Judge went through some initials questions to weed out who could not serve because hardships or prejudice because of the nature of the case.  The Bailiff immediately knew there was an extra person in the room and made an announcement. I said it was me and I was here to assist my son. Outside the courtroom the  Bailiff asked what the nature of his disability was? I told him that Alex has Autism. He asked if there were any accommodations needed? I said no and that now that Alex was familiar with everything, I would not be coming into the court.

Alex does not drive. I will have to drive him into the city and bring my laptop or a book.

Alex handled it all very well. We have to return on Thursday. The prosecution and defense will decide who they want on the jury.

The number of children diagnosed with Autism has increased dramatically. It will be interesting to see how courts handle so many potential jurors in 8-10 years who have Autism.

I have no idea if it matters that a juror has Autism or not.

Update: The court clerk called. Alex was released from Jury Duty and his service is complete. We never had to go in for the interview


Happy Easter

Jessica Interviews Gwyneth Paltrow

It was almost a Spring day

and the the clouds started to build…

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