Victoria 1996 April

Victoria 1996 April Mary Azarian

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This was a fun week!

More Victoria

Victoria 1996 April home owner Karen Boudreau photo by William P Steele

Victoria Magazine

My old issues of Victoria magazine are very dear to me. They saved my life in the 1990’s. Well they saved my sanity at least.

My now healthy 19 year old was not always so healthy. She was hospitalized 5 times the first 2 years of her life. There were numerous trips to the ER and day clinic too. After tests for Cystic Fibrosis, Leukemia and I don’t know what else, Kaiser decided her diagnosis was that she was a “sickly child”. She tired easily and cried often. She also had sever asthma, mostly triggered by the change in weather or a cold.  When she would get a cold, it would become pneumonia. She got chicken pox, they became infected. It went on like that till she was around 7 yrs. old. Around that time Zithromax and Biaxin were approved for use in children. What ever bacteria lurked in her system was wiped out!  She steadily improved after that. She is the 3rd of 5 children. No one else had/has problems like she did.

Early one, as I was waiting in the day clinic waiting room to see they doctor, I picked up the very pretty magazine Victoria. while I held my screaming baby and kept two little ones occupied I looked through the pages. I was transported to a world far away. There were homes, dishes, happy children with their moms… Not like my current world, that is for sure.

Every month I would try to buy a new issue of Victoria. Finally I was able to get 2 year subscriptions for my birthdays. After the new issue arrived, in the evening I dump the kids on my husband and enjoys a very long bubble bath. Daddy could do the medicines and breathing treatments for a few hours while I ran away to the pages of pretty places with happy people who loved their home, families and gardens.

I would be re-energized and inspired each month, reading and re-reading every single article until the new issue arrived.

I have started to scan some of my favorite photos and recipes. As I do I will share them on-line.

Victoria 1996 April home owner Karen Boudreau photo by William P Steele front of home

This weeks page

I discovered that last weeks page size was 81/2 x 11. I know good and well that Costco does not print that size.

I made my new page the correct size today, but I made it a little different this week. I am backing up the pages on a flash drive until I can print them.

Photos this week for Project

I am having a good time with this project. I explained to the family what I am doing and they are on board. Usually they don’t like me taking photos of them and the cat just runs away now. Well the family is co-operating, the cat, not so much.

Another added benefit of this project is the more photos a person takes, the better they become at taking photos!

These are of the girls getting their school work done.

Project Life/365 Photography

I have started to do my own version of Project Life/365 Photography.

I wish I could buy Becky Higgins Project Life kit. I hope soon things will not be so lean around the house home (10 months of unemployment), but until then I will have to improvise.

I made my own digital version using what I already own. An older version of Scrapbook Boutique and  FotoFusion. When finances allow, I will get my 8.5 x 10 pages printed at Costco and slip them into page protectors and into the photo binder. I plan on scrap booking receipts and papers of interest on black paper and also putting it in the photo binder. This idea came to me from looking at Ali Edwards Project Life pages.

I take many photos each week. I have made some basic templates in FotoFusion. The challenge will be to quickly edit the keepers – which do not have to be many, and add the journaling which does not have to be long and detailed unless I want to be.

Here is one of my first tries for the month of May.

I have 3 “journal prompts” New, weather and meals. I might change those on other pages, but I don’t think so.

On my computer I have set up new folders in the picture file with the names of each month. I was happy to see when I was searching the internet for tips and ideas that other people started in the middle of the year.

This will be fun and keep me occupied.

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