Victoria Magazine

My old issues of Victoria magazine are very dear to me. They saved my life in the 1990’s. Well they saved my sanity at least.

My now healthy 19 year old was not always so healthy. She was hospitalized 5 times the first 2 years of her life. There were numerous trips to the ER and day clinic too. After tests for Cystic Fibrosis, Leukemia and I don’t know what else, Kaiser decided her diagnosis was that she was a “sickly child”. She tired easily and cried often. She also had sever asthma, mostly triggered by the change in weather or a cold.  When she would get a cold, it would become pneumonia. She got chicken pox, they became infected. It went on like that till she was around 7 yrs. old. Around that time Zithromax and Biaxin were approved for use in children. What ever bacteria lurked in her system was wiped out!  She steadily improved after that. She is the 3rd of 5 children. No one else had/has problems like she did.

Early one, as I was waiting in the day clinic waiting room to see they doctor, I picked up the very pretty magazine Victoria. while I held my screaming baby and kept two little ones occupied I looked through the pages. I was transported to a world far away. There were homes, dishes, happy children with their moms… Not like my current world, that is for sure.

Every month I would try to buy a new issue of Victoria. Finally I was able to get 2 year subscriptions for my birthdays. After the new issue arrived, in the evening I dump the kids on my husband and enjoys a very long bubble bath. Daddy could do the medicines and breathing treatments for a few hours while I ran away to the pages of pretty places with happy people who loved their home, families and gardens.

I would be re-energized and inspired each month, reading and re-reading every single article until the new issue arrived.

I have started to scan some of my favorite photos and recipes. As I do I will share them on-line.

Victoria 1996 April home owner Karen Boudreau photo by William P Steele front of home

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