May 1990 Victoria Magazine Recipes

I scanned this page to keep for myself. I wanted to share it too.

Ginger Pound Cake

Mint Tea

Crepes with Berry Filling


4th of July Vintage Children’s Page

1954 Summer is Here Re-Do

I borrowed back the old lap-top I gave the kids. It has the software that goes with my scanner/printer. I was able to get a nicer scan of the page.


Summer is Here – Picture 1954

I used this and other California text books when my children were young. The illustrations are so fun. Here is the cover.

I wish I could scan better. My laptop is Windows 7. My scanner/printer is not :- {

Catching Up

Between going to Canada and jumping right into the hallway/door painting and re-do, I am a bit behind on my 365/Project Life.

Here is 2 weeks!

One King Lane

One King Lane ads have been popping up all over my internet reading and browsing sites.
I went to check them out and was a little put off that I have to do a free registration and have a password.
Ok, I filled it out and continued to the site.
It seems they have weekly sales ala Tuesday Morning stores. Items show the retail price and their price.
I thought they were a little expensive. I did find (but won’t buy) a set of 2 5×7 pewter frames for $24.00. $12.00 each.
I think I would rather take my daughters to the Home Goods store for items I am looking for.

Project Hallway

My son took up the hall carpet for me. The wood floor was in pretty bad sub-floor like shape. After some sanding, wood putty, more sanding, painting and adding baseboards to get  it  done.

I hung the shelves today. This is my youngest daughters dresser. There are 7 of us in the 1500 sq. ft house. 3 girls are in one room and there is not enough room for her dresser. The door at the end of  hall is the bathroom. The 3 girls rooms is to the left. Our oldest daughter’s  room is to the right. The little door in the wall is a storage closet. I am very grateful to have it. And the nearest door is the laundry room that I wrote about yesterday.

Everyone is happy with the results. I am very happy with it. I just need to find some things for those shelves.

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