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If there is food left, and not much of it, you write your name on the wrapper with the black Sharpie so everyone knows it is spoken for.


365/Project Life

365/Project Life

I have not stopped working on my weekly projects. I did however delete a file folder with the done pages inside šŸ˜¦Ā  *sigh*

I keep templates of most things and will be able to recreate the weeks.

I was playing around with this morning between loads of laundry and was able to buy for $1.00 a set of journaling Stamps fromĀ Erica Made Designs!

The border is a freebie that comes with my Fotofusion Scrapbook EssentialsĀ  program.




Has the economic climate affected you?

So Funny! WordPress suggested this as a topic to write on post on.

Oh, the world does not want to hear our sob story of 12 months unemployment and trying to feed 7 mouths!

It is not pretty. So I take pictures. I try to look at pretty things. We try to think happy, positive thoughts.

They had a job fair this week in a nearby town. (Ok, it was 45 minutes away.This is the 2nd job fair this year. 2nd, that is it and its almost Aug and not even near us.) 12 companies showed up to accept resumes. The unemployment in the central valley is close to 14% . Hundreds and hundreds of people lined up in the heat in their best clothes. They probably spent gas money they could hardly afford.

Don’t even get me started on how it is affecting (or is effecting) us.




It Is Hot Out There


Best just to stay inside.


























Pottery Barn

Our Pottery Barn closed at the mall. I am very sad because it was such a treat to browse there and get ideas.

I am grateful I get the catalogs in the mail and can see the latest on their internet site.

They are rolling out the fall decor this week! I do not care for the skeletons and Halloween items, but the harvest things are wonderful.


Princess The Neighbor

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