Back To School Night

I have never been to a Back to School Night. Having homeschooled all the kids (3 to graduation so far) it was very interesting to go to Miss N’s back to school night. Not many parents showed up.

I can’t take any credit for how she is doing school. Her family has done a wonderful job raising a hard working student. Her teachers are thrilled to have her in their classes.

Miss N. is completely surprised at the rowdiness of the students in the class room. Culture shock I guess. In Japan, the high school is not free – parents pay. It is also very hard to get into a high school. There is strict dress codes and behavior codes. No nail polish, make-up, ear rings. School is 6 days a week. Miss N gets home at 7:p each night.  Your teacher also comes to your home during the summer. If you get a summer job you will be kicked out of school.

We have had a very good first week. I offered to take Miss N. to Otto’s in Sacramento, But nope, she wants American food. I think she is sleeping well. I am sure she will get homesick soon.

First Day of School

Exchange Student

We are so excited to have our exchange student arrive this Sat.

We know Miss N. She is from Japan. She was in the US for the summer 2 years ago. My oldest daughter volunteered in the English language class the kids attended for a month. Our family went on several of the field trips/outings with the group. My now 16 year hit it off with Miss N and they became pen pals. Miss N asked last year if we would take her for the school year and we said YES!

And now she we really be here this Sat. to live with us.

Here is some of the latest photos from the week.















Amber and Princess

Longaberger (Baskets) Mansion in Ohio on the market for $15 million

Longaberger (Baskets) Mansion in Ohio on the market for $15 million.
Those were the days…In the 1990’s my friends and I would host home parties and fan girl over
Longaberger Baskets. Oh my they were costly. I did buy one eventually. I sold it at a recent yard sale because of the husbands unemployment.

The photos for this home are incredible. I wonder if the family had to downsize?

365/Project Life

I have spent way too much time on the computer these last two days, but I made 2 frames and 2 downloaded from talented people at DeviantArt.

So Proud!

I am just so proud of our little girl. She draws all the time. She draws all over her school work. She draws before she goes to bed at night. I think it was her 11th birthday we bought her a small Wacom Tablet. She is 13 now.

This morning she showed me what she has been working on.

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