Taking a Christmas Photo of Teens is Like

Taking a Christmas Photo of Teens is Like Herding Cats. I finally got some good shots, but they all over the place and having a lot of fun. I got some good smiles from them.

After we were done, being outdoorsy kids – they started exploring, looking for lizards and other wildlife. My daughter pulled out her Canon T2i and started taking photos of everything.




































Alexis de Tocqueville

Tea and Toast in the Morning

Book Store Rest

I spent several hours at the book store today while our 3rd daughter had college mid-terms ans I waited for her to get out of class.

It was wonderful I must say. I read so many magazines and a good book. The book was Spiritual Warfare by Jerry Rankin.

The magazines were lovely to look at. I bought a small hot chocolate because they don’t like you to take up cafe space and not buy something.

I got some really good ideas of gifts and things to make. I am even thinking about making a birthday banner with fabric and re-using for each birthday.











































In Hard Times

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 1:1-5

Confusion in October

Our Cherry tree almost died this summer. We were neglectful and did not water it.

The leaves drooped and others turned brown and died. We got our act together

and started water the dead tree. Last week I heard “Mommy, Mommy, the tree

has buds! It is alive.” I went this morning and took this photo. It is a self pollinating

tree, so soon we will have cherries?

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