2 Funerals A Wedding and 2 Surgeries

My Mom, Georgia, had emergency surgery on Monday. Please keep her in your prayers. I will fly to Utah right after Christmas to take care of her. It will be my 5th trip to Utah in recent years and only 1 – my sister’s wedding was a happy event. Each time I have gone I have taken many photos. Some were very bad photos because I had no idea what I was doing with a camera. I cherish those photos, blurry and grainy as they maybe. They tell a story in their own way. Some of those photos were taken when I was having a lot of grief. I am glad I took them and I do not feel that heart wrenching grief when I look at them. I am so glad.

My beloved Dad’s memorial at Murray Park  2004                                   My sister and kids with balloons for Papa.

My little sister gets married 2005.

The Anderson House in Salt Lake City.

After the wedding and the couple were off to the honeymoon, my little daughter flower girl and I went to an exhibit downtown at Museum of Church History and Art. When I was growing I think the building was called something else.

While at the History and Art building they had on display a lot of pioneer items. It occurred to me that some of those objects could very well have belonged to someone in my family. Taking the religion aspect out of all it, my family were the pioneers that eventually came to Idaho, Arizona and Utah. They were strong, self-sacrificing people that I am very proud of.

Kennecott Copper Mine                                                                                          Eagle Gate

My Mountains in the winter                                                                            My mountains in the summer

The oddest thing happened this Christmas. When I was a child, maybe once or twice, we went to the temple at Christmas time to look at the lights. I longed this year to see the lights. I wished my children could see them too. Now there is a Christmas display!

The Southland Corp. fed and clothed me as a child. I will always have a soft spot  for 7-11.

Sadly, my beloved Grandma passed away in 2008.

The doll, clock and lamp were my Grandma’s. The baby shoes are my Mom’s. The little flannel shirt was my uncle’s. The teapot lamp is in my bedroom now.

In 2009 my Mom has emergency hernia surgery. I flew out to take care of her and praise the Lord, she healed well and went right back to work.





I am phobic about flying. I get airsick and even have thrown up on a flight :- {  When I was younger, I rode the Greyhound Bus and the Amtrack Train to avoid flying. I was somewhat comforted when I read Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic also has a big problem with flying. I adore Southwest and have never thrown up on their planes :- } I have found it helps when I change planes, have a slight layover and can grab a bite to eat. Las Vegas is my favorite stop. And now that I am a Brandon Flowers fan, I wonder if he is ever at that airport and look for him!

Burbank Airport                                                                                                   Las Vegas Airport giftshop

Photos from sitting on the plane, trying not to be sick.

I am looking forward to going to Utah next week. How I wish it was for a family reunion or some other happy event.

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