Sad to Leave

I am writing this from the airport today. I flew here to Salt Lake City on a one way ticket. We did not know (my brothers, sisters and I) how long my Mom would need post-op care at home. I have been here 11 days. My Mom saw the doctor yesterday. We knew he would release her back to work (she is 70!) because she has recuperated so well since her surgery and hospital stay. She will not be able to work full-time anymore.

I have not been to St. Marks hospitals before. My Mom’s doctor has an office there. I thought it had been built in the 1940’s. They had wonderful historical photos all over the walls and I found out that the hospital was begun by The Rt. Rev. Daniel Sylvester Tuttle.

We stopped at the cafetiere for a quick bite to eat before blood work. That pizza was so large, it is for 3 people! And very delicious.

Sitting at the Airport – I got here very early – too early, but just wanted to be safe time wise with security.

Wow! I miss my husband and kids! Looking forward to getting home. My husband took down the tree and the kids have been wonderful keeping the home up and running. Thank you Lord that what could have been a terrible situation has turned out well.

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