Holiday is Over – Again

We barely got back into the groove of home-life after Christmas and New Years and me being in Utah. And then we have the MLK holiday.

Trying to get every one moving this morning was not easy. And it was cold to boot. We had a hard freeze warning for the central valley.

Gratefully rain is on its way. It is much easier to get school and chores done when it is gloomy outside – for us anyway. Bring on the hot chocolate.

I am not the only one whose chick has left the nest. Anna Marie Horner’s talented and sweet daughter left for back to school. I read the the comments and many Mom’s have kids far away. While our dear girl is coming home on Sunday, it is really comforting know that many families go through this. And it seems I am just a big cry baby.

We did Skype last night with are Dearest in Tennessee. She went bowling and broke her nail. Still had a great time. Trimmed her beautiful nails a bit so she does not get anymore painful breaks. Tonight she will be watching Star Trek with her sweetie. I really like Skype. It makes her Dad and I so happy to see her.

Here is today’s Photography Habit photo

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