Broken Parts and The Kindle

I broke our printer. It has been a work horse over the years. It handled everything from school reports to printing out photos of Homestuck fan art. It was also an outstanding scanner.

I was printing out the recipe for Asian Meat and Potatoes when the paper fed in wrong, tore a bit and then error messages happened that I could not clear. After about 15 minutes of opening, closing, turning off and on, with flash light in hand I pulled on something I should not have.

My recipes are on my laptop. I do not want to take my lap top and set it on the kitchen counter where splashes and spills can happen. The Kindle saves the day!



















I went on-line to find out if and how I could put Word doc. on the family Kindle. It is really my husbands, but we are a bookish family and everyone uses the Kindle.

Sure enough, well no, you have to convert your Word doc. to a PDF file. Ok, Amazon does the converting after you email it to your Kindle email address. You did not know you had a Kindle email address? Well neither did I!

Using you laptop or PC, go to your “Manage Your Kindle” account at Amazon. Click on “Personal Document Settings”. Here you will see your Kindle email address.  Also on this page, towards the bottom, you will add the email address from where you are sending the file attachment to your Kindle email. If it is not on your list, you will not get the email. I think it is a spam prevention. When you email from one account to the other, in the subject line type convert. It takes a few minutes for the conversion to happen. About 1/2 hr. after I sent my first email, I turned on our Kindle, clicked on Menu, choose “Sync and Check for Items” and it automatically downloaded the PDF (via WIFI).

Here is more details from the Amazon site.

You and your approved contacts can send personal documents to your registered Kindle devices, supported Kindle reading applications, and your Kindle Library in the Amazon Cloud by e-mailing them to your Send-to-Kindle e-mail address([name] Your Send-to-Kindle e-mail address is a unique e-mail address assigned to your Kindle device or supported Kindle reading application upon registration.

To successfully send personal documents using your Send-to-Kindle e-mail address, you must ensure that:

Attach the document to a new e-mail or forward an existing e-mail with the document attached to the Send-to-Kindle e-mail address associated with your Kindle device or Kindle reading application.

A subject is not necessary in the e-mail, unless you’d prefer to have the document converted to the Kindle format so you can take advantage of functionality such as variable font size and annotations. To have a document converted to Kindle format (.azw), the subject line should be “convert” when e-mailing a personal document to your Send-to-Kindle address.

Each Send-to-Kindle e-mail address can also be modified to send personal documents to a supported Kindle device via Wi-Fi, if available, and to the e-mail address associated with the Amazon account to which the device is registered. Modify your Send-to-Kindle address from [name] to [name] If the document can’t be delivered over Wi-Fi to your Kindle device, you can use the e-mail to download the file to your computer and transfer it to your Kindle device using a USB connection.

Personal documents in supported file formats smaller than 5 MB are typically delivered to your Kindle device within five minutes (per document) if your device is connected wirelessly. Personal documents larger than 5 MB or in some file formats (such as PDF files) may take longer. Your e-mail provider may have additional limitations on file size.

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