Bad Night Good Night

I was going to post about a new chicken lasagna dish I made last night, but that dish kept me up all night and while it bothered no one else in the family, I just don’t feel like I can post it.

I was awake all night with stomach pains and and alternated between television (what a wasteland in the middle of the night) and being on my laptop. I listened to some music via You Tube, listened to some sermons on-line and watched my Twitter feed. By far the most productive was the sermons. I came across the South West London Vineyard church while looking up something else 2 weeks ago. Here is the link to the sermons. I clicked on Sermon Series and am listening to sermons from 2007 and will work my way forward.

I am feeling no better today. The family will have to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and March Madness (yep, we celebrate both) with out me being very much involved. The older kids can cook dinner. Even if I do feel better at some point, I got zero sleep last night and do not have much energy.

Click here to learn more about Saint Patrick.

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