Banana Bread

This is our favorite Banana Bread Recipe. I have no idea where I got it. It is 20+ years old.
It makes two loaves.

½ C Butter
2 C Sugar
2 TSP Vanilla
4 Eggs
4 over ripe mashed bananas
3 C Flour
2 TSP  Baking Soda

Heat oven to 375 F. Grease and flour bread pans.
Cream together butter and sugar well. Add Vanilla. Beat in eggs. Mix in bananas. Mix in dry ingredients. It will be a thick batter. Divide and pour into each prepared Pan. Bake at 375 F for 45 min or until done.

3 Responses to “Banana Bread”

  1. lovenikiblog Says:

    I had to comment on this because my mom always saves over ripe bananas to make banana nut bread! The problem is the bananas never get used and she never makes the bread Lol but now with your recipe I’ll make sure there’s banana bread 😉

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