Falling in the Dark

I am sporting a wrist brace these days. What a way to spend summer (insert sad face).

It all started 4th of July. No, not the foot thing, although that happened too.

I thought there was no garbage pick-up on the 4th of July. Well, just like clock work they came with the noisy truck and then they were gone.  I called the office and it was was closed. There was a short recorded message that service pick-up would be normal for the 4th of July. I called the office the next day. They were very nice and said for a fee they would come out again or I could wait until next week, put extra bags next to the can, and it would all be taken at no charge. I went with the no charge option.

The next Tuesday my son put all the trash out. And the local dogs could smell it I guess. And they tore into it. Tuesday night my husband, son and brother were out there bagging it back up again (This time it would stay in the inside the fence until morning). I went into the house to get another trash bag. When I came back and headed for the gate out to where they were (in pitch blackness because they had the flashlight) I tripped over the water hose holder and down I went and a running they came. It seems funny now. Then, not so much. The knee is skinned and bruised, the back of the other ankle is skinned, my shoulder was hurting where it met with the ground and my right wrist is puffy and hurts and anything involving the ring finger and pinky – grabbing, lifting or pulling is out of the question.

I guess I put my hand out to break the fall in a weird awkward way.

Our youngest daughter saw to my wounds and medicine needs and found a nifty wrist brace for me to wear from under the bathroom sink. I pretty much had to stop my normal routine including driving because the car is stick shift for the past few days. Today is the first day I could type (with many errors though). I went in for an x-ray yesterday morning. They will call if there is a break. They will mail a letter if the x-ray is clear.

I was thinking about the amazing Marcus Mumford and his hurt hand. He and the amazing band Mumford and Sons took a very short time off after he broke his hand in June and then he went back to work! Yes, 2 talented men are helping out with drums and guitar (I have been watching the concert videos on YouTube as they are put up), but Marcus went back to work! My hand hurts thinking about it and it is probably only a sprain.

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