Babel Babel Look at Me Now

Babel Babel Look at Me Now
I am so happy the new Mumford & Son’s album Babel has been released.
Their Sign No More album was my first introduction to the “boys”.

There are so many reasons I like this band. I was very impressed with how they went about their American concert tour this summer – Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers.

I saw right away they were smartly bringing a boost to local economies and Mumford fans during this dreary time in America. I was proud to say they were a band I support.

I also realized that there are some wonderful behind the scenes people on the Mumford team making all the magic happen. I suspect that they are family and long time friends of the Mumford’s as well as good people Ted, Winston and Ben know.

Today the new album has been released in America. I have been listening to the YouTube music daily uploaded by Official Babel. Another reason I like this band is that they are well read and literature turns up in their songs. I enjoy smart music. I like songs that make me look up phrases because you can’t get it out of my head wondering what it means. The lyrics in title song Babel and the Watchmen’s Son was just such an instance.

Last week Disney’s Robinhood from 1973 was on television. My husband and I grew up with it and our children love the movie too – even as adults. We all sat and watched it. When I heard Marcus’ voice in the song Reminder, immediately thought back to the story telling style Roger Miller who was in Robinhood. Mumford & Son’s are story tellers. They write such beautiful lyrics, put together so well it touches the soul. I have to say I do struggle with which I enjoy more, the way they play the musical instruments, or the lyrics. I know little about music, but I have read that the way the songs are composed can be tricky to play. The way the instruments all come together is soothing and exciting.

I think this album is brilliant!

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