Our “Baby” Turned 25

It has been an exciting week for the most part! We have family in town staying with us and our oldest turned 25 this week. She was born a bit early 25 years ago and had to stay in the hospital for a week. They made me go home. I was undone and beside myself. Who leaves their baby in the hospital? I was told it happens all the time and I could come visit all day and all night, but home I must go. She was 4lbs 8 oz when we brought her home and she screamed all the time. She could not suck and all the milk just dripped out of her mouth. It was a very rough start. It was a very rough few years. I would take her every month and tell the doctor she was not doing all the things other babies were doing, like my cousin’s boy who was only a few weeks older. I was told to stop worrying, over and over and over.

When babies are born early these days parents get referred to special agencies for developmental therapy. They even come to your house. If it existed 25 years ago I have know idea. Parents don’t have to bring up to many concerns any more at baby well checks. The doctors have a long list of what they are looking for now.

Well we muddled through with the Lord’s help and a little girl is all grown up. She still deals with challenges, but what young adult doesn’t in some way?

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