Back Up and Running and A Photo

The poor little laptop had a file failure. The little thing is 3 years old.

After trying for many hours to get it to just boot up and failing and over and over, I decided to go with an option the screen get giving me  – save the files on dvd’s and go back to day one – out of the box – pretty and new. It took all night to burn 4 dvd’s of files. The little laptop walked me through each step. It numbered the discs even.

I finally got some sleep at about 5:00 am. When I woke up I hit do-over button. That took a very long time. But it booted up and welcomed me to my new laptop. The set-up of the “new” laptop took much longer than I remembered. I used the 4 dvd’s to put all my documents and photos back on laptop. They are also safely stored on a external hard drive now.

My pretty lap top is now called Lazarus.

It has been a slow process of installing Office, Photoshop and many other programs back on.

Here is a photo I finally edited from our outdoor lights.

lights outside web

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