Mom of Homestucks


If you know what Homestuck is then let me just say I have 4 girls who are Homestucks.

I spent the weekend at the Sacramento Convention Center for the Winter 2013 Sac Anime Convention.

I kept my self busy with reading and taking photos.

The atmosphere is high energy and lots of warm fuzzies.

One of our girls decided she wants to cosplay a new Homestuck. The kids tell me I am a “Con Mom”. Part of being a Con Mom means many trips to the craft/fabric store and learning 10 ways to make good troll horns. Ok, I made the 10 ways to good troll horns up.

One very nice thing is that the girls cosplay each others costumes on different days. 1 costume shared by 3 girls. Our oldest shares her wigs and shoes, but not her wings and dresses/skirts and shirts. I understand. She has put countless hours into painting and sewing.

Here are some photos

web Alisha and Amber eye make up  Sac Anime Winter Con 2013

















web Con kids  Sac Anime Winter 2013













web  Sac Anime Winter 2013 Alisha



















Photo Credit

web Eridan and Rose Sac Anime Wintr 2013



















web Dance  Sac Anime Winter Con 2013 Saturday














web Street Crossing Shearaton  Sac Anime Winter Con 2012 Saturday view














web Convention Center













web Convention Center Sac Anime Winter 2013


















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