Thinking About Food

I was looking through a magazine about tea and cakes. All the cakes were single layer and the loaf recipes only made one loaf. It was an English publication. It got me to thinking about why do I always bake a double layer cake?

I made this Spice Cake for the family and never did post the photo. I did not frost the sides like I usually would. My kids thought that was odd. I said all the mommies on Pinterest do it this way now.

I am a fan of sugar and tasty desserts. I am in control of the food that comes in the house and make most of the meals and desserts. My kids do help, but I buy the ingredients.

A few years ago our family ate large portions and ate a meal too many some days. Of course the children were growing back then and needed more calories, so I let them eat. Dad and I did not need the extra food.

So it has been a slow process of cutting back on portions. We have usually eaten homes cooked meals. By that I mean made from scratch. Same with the baked goodies, although I don’t make bread anymore. I do use canned frosting and spice packets (like for the roast). I rarely buy store bought cakes and cookies.

Anyway, buy not frosting the sides of the Spice Cake, and other small changes we cut calories. I think I will start making single layer cakes for desserts. Birthdays will still be a double layer cake :- } It will seem more special.

Spice Cake Frosted















P.S. I will post the recipe for this Spice Cake soon. It was from a book in the Target clearance section after Christmas.

The book was called Nordic Ware Best of the Bundt® Cookbook.




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