Spring Gardens, Resurection Sunday and a Job

Here are the photos of our veggies and herbs.

Pea vines web

Apple Mint Rosemary and Oregano web

Container Herbs and Veggies web

Lettuce for Lunch time web

Lettuce for Lunch time 2 web

























We are very much looking forward to a big Sunday Dinner to celebrate Easter.

Best news of all! My husband started with a new staffing agency (his 8th I think, lost count). This one has actually put him
to work right away. Another staffing agency finally called him with work, but his phone was in the locker so he missed the call and they left a message.

This job is for 3 months, 10 hours a day.Most weekends off.  It is about 4o miles away. The days I need the car, I get up at 5:30 am with him go with him to work and and drive back. We are all so happy he is has work during this holiday season.

Happy March

The spring weather has taken us out to the garden this week.

We were able to plant vegetables and flowers this past week. Photos coming soon!

Once the warm weather hits I find I am not on the Internet as much. It just seems to be

the ebb and flow of the days and seasons. I am on Tumblr  a lot this year. Last year I it was Pinterest.

I think Pinterest might miss me! lol

spring web



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