National Train Day 2013

My 18 year old daughter and I went to National Train Day at the Sacramento Ca Train Museum. Entrance to the museum was free all day. We have been several times on free days – the whole family. This time it was just the two of us.

We arrived 30 minutes before it opened. It can get very crowded as the day goes on. Last time we went I was not able to get any good photos because there were so many people. It did get crowded as we were leaving.

One of the coolest things I saw was a display in the dinning car for the different rail road dinner services. Each railway, had their own China patterns unique to them. My Great Grand Uncle worked for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy CB&Q in Ottumwa Iowa or Afton, still sorting it out. Anyway here is a photo I took

AnaMarie Train Museum 22




















In looking over Ancestry’s address records for my Great Great Grandfather, It says he worked for C M & St. P. Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul Railroad. I took this photo of their dinner service.

AnaMarie Train Museum 23










Our family has always loved trains. My Grandmother never took the airplane that I know of, but was a regular traveler on Amtrack  from Iowa to Utah to visit. My husband and I took the Amtrack from California to Utah when we were first married. My oldest 2 children do not remember it, but we took the Amtrack again to Utah. Daddy could not get off work at the time. Our 15 year old will not part with it, but in addition to getting her brothers Thomas the Tank Engine toys, she has her Lady toys from the Magic Railway.

Here are so more photos –

AnaMarie Train Museum 31

AnaMarie Train Museum 29

AnaMarie Train Museum 58

AnaMarie Train Museum new sign

AnaMarie Train Museum 5

AnaMarie Train Museum 52

AnaMarie Train Museum 53

AnaMarie Train Museum 39

AnaMarie Train Museum 25

AnaMarie Train Museum 41

AnaMarie Train Museum 17

AnaMarie Train Museum 50

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