I Love Photography

I was trying to cut down on the amount of photos I take these past weeks. And I have. I take maybe 3 photos a day if at all.
I think to myself why I want the photo? What will I do with it? It has helped me to not take 50 photos a day anymore.

Here are a few I have taken this past week. I still have a food photo addiction haha!

Family took a trip to Napa.

IMG_1421a web
















I put my camera on the newspaper stand outside Nation Hamburgers. I set it to 10 sec. timer and ran behind everyone. I had to use the flash because of the shadows. I had one shot to get a photo my Mom said.

IMG_1419 a web














Sorry, funny cat photo.

_MG_5687 a web





















This was a yummy cake!

_MG_5685 a web



Well The Husband Noticed

My dear husband of 29 years asked tonight where all the plates were.  He said he knows we had more bowls last week. I explained my plan. He is not sure if he likes it.

The kids figured out real fast that I was done with dishes and they had to wash a plate or bowl if there were none clean.  I may have been to severe and need put out a few more plates and bowels tonight or in the morning.

Easter 2013 Table web

Dishes and Dishwashing – I am Sick of It

Can I be real for a minute?

I was about to blow my stack this morning over dirty dishes and adults! adults (they are only adults when I want them to be) being too busy to take care of their own dishes.

For days I have been on everyone living in this house, (i.e. kids) to rinse and put their dishes in the dishwasher. I do not mind washing the pots and pans. Why? because we own four. Yep, two pots and two pans.

Every morning I wake-up to this – no, not the daughter doing the dishes, the sink-ful of them!!!!!

Alisha doing dishes web

















So this morning after rinsing and running the dishwasher (did I mention we do two loads a day  most days?)
I went through the cupboards and pulled out bowls, dinner plates and what would be a desert plates. And I packed them up and put them away. We will have 10 dinner plates, 6 bowls and 4 desert plates. If the cupboard is bare, then they (those young adult kids) will have to wash themselves a dish.

Odd enough, cups are not a problem. Wonder of all wonders – the kids are in the habit of getting a water cup for the day and using it through out the day. This is a habit they attached to easily ten years ago and have kept up with out much carrying on from Mother.

They will be in for a shock later today when it dawns of them the dishwasher is empty of clean dishes and this is all we got to use. Ha ha!


Sunflowers and Bees

I took this photo in my back yard –

Bee and Sunflower web


Going Good

I have taken a lot less photos these last two weeks.

I am still taking photos. But they are thought out and only 2 photographs instead of 10. It feels so freeing.

I realized I was taking photos when I was bored (and man to I get bored fast) and to give myself something to do. Well it is ok to be still and be bored and just chill.

It was my daughter’s birthday and my brother’s birthday this week. My daughter wanted to make two cheesecakes, so I did take photos of her doing that.  Then of course a few photos of the birthday celebrations!

_MG_5650.JPG web _MG_5655.JPG web _MG_5659.JPG web _MG_5612.JPG web _MG_5646.JPG web
















I am going to Make these Again

I forgot all about doing these pages. I remember getting a creative block about the design and frustrated because I was limited in graphics. I stopped doing them.

I came across similar pages in the photo albums from 2011. I decided I like it and will go back to making them again.

I used to have them printed out at Costco and will do the same once again.

July first week

Going Through Old Photos

Going through old photos. By old I mean 2011. I have decided a few things while looking at these photos.

1. Capturing the children doing all the  kid stuff has been and is still important to me.

2. Capturing Holidays big and small that we celebrate is important to me.

3. Capturing family outings and the memories we make are important to me.

4. I take odds and ends photos around the house. I am glad I do/did. I have a record of when we painted this room or put the T.V. there already.

5. I try too hard to be a stock photographer. I make maybe $5.00 a year on my stock photos. A girl has to know her limits and stick with what she knows. For me it ain’t stock photography.

When I do bring out the photo albums (2 at a time of the 1000 we must own) the kids and other family members enjoy them.


Our youngest.


cupcake 3

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