Going Through Old Photos

Going through old photos. By old I mean 2011. I have decided a few things while looking at these photos.

1. Capturing the children doing all the  kid stuff has been and is still important to me.

2. Capturing Holidays big and small that we celebrate is important to me.

3. Capturing family outings and the memories we make are important to me.

4. I take odds and ends photos around the house. I am glad I do/did. I have a record of when we painted this room or put the T.V. there already.

5. I try too hard to be a stock photographer. I make maybe $5.00 a year on my stock photos. A girl has to know her limits and stick with what she knows. For me it ain’t stock photography.

When I do bring out the photo albums (2 at a time of the 1000 we must own) the kids and other family members enjoy them.


Our youngest.


cupcake 3

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