Dishes and Dishwashing – I am Sick of It

Can I be real for a minute?

I was about to blow my stack this morning over dirty dishes and adults! adults (they are only adults when I want them to be) being too busy to take care of their own dishes.

For days I have been on everyone living in this house, (i.e. kids) to rinse and put their dishes in the dishwasher. I do not mind washing the pots and pans. Why? because we own four. Yep, two pots and two pans.

Every morning I wake-up to this – no, not the daughter doing the dishes, the sink-ful of them!!!!!

Alisha doing dishes web

















So this morning after rinsing and running the dishwasher (did I mention we do two loads a day  most days?)
I went through the cupboards and pulled out bowls, dinner plates and what would be a desert plates. And I packed them up and put them away. We will have 10 dinner plates, 6 bowls and 4 desert plates. If the cupboard is bare, then they (those young adult kids) will have to wash themselves a dish.

Odd enough, cups are not a problem. Wonder of all wonders – the kids are in the habit of getting a water cup for the day and using it through out the day. This is a habit they attached to easily ten years ago and have kept up with out much carrying on from Mother.

They will be in for a shock later today when it dawns of them the dishwasher is empty of clean dishes and this is all we got to use. Ha ha!


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