Fall is in the Air and Kids are off to College Classes

Which means I am the taxi driver….

Which means the summer bliss of lazy days are over for me….

Which means I have no time to process the photos I take…..

and post them.

Why do these kids not drive? We ask ourselves that all the time. When I was young (cue my kids bored looks) I could not wait to drive.

One daughter is very interested in driving – she is the one who will not be driving anytime soon! She just needs a little more maturity and life experience under her belt before we turn her loose with a potentially very dangerous thing called a car on to the super crowded roads of California.

Another daughter has the proper awareness and respect for the car and possible dangers lurking about. She was studying for her permit, but then decided to postpone taking the test.

Our oldest daughter, who I have the highest hopes for driving has mild CP and at times not good muscle co-ordination. She is well aware of all this and when she did have her permit would have small panic attacks while practicing. The whole thing was just no good for her or me.

And then the son. He is showing re-newed interest. But we will wait and see. We have been practicing in a parking lot.

It does not help that half of the kids friends do not drive either. They say the danger and expense holds them back. What is wrong with kids today?

P.S. I was in a fender bender on the freeway last week. The heavy traffic way in front of me began to slow quickly, I still slid 20 feet and whacked a poor car in front of me on the outer edge of their bumper. Yes I have auto insurance, but just the basic so they have been taken care of.

Practicing driving web


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